Housemate Tuesdays: Mike Mayes

Housemate Tuesdays: Mike Mayes

Who are you?

Mike Mayes

What’s your art?

Photography and Video. Stills are my real passion though – I like to experiment with lots of different styles and types of photography.

What’s coming up for you?

I’ve been quite pre-occupied lately with my job but really eager to get back to shooting. I’ve been taking a lot of inspiration from documentary photographers lately so want to try that out – find some excuses to go out shooting again. Of course I’m looking forwards to the next House of Verse which I’ll be taking pics at – it’s a great event that’s always a challenge to try to capture.



Ninja Bob’s Top Picks

Ninja Bob’s Top Picks



Hello, my name is Ninja Bob, and for my blog I thought I would share a few of the things which I am currently listening to, and rate really highly!

1. Onra – Chinoiseries 3

Discovered this guy on the House of Verse trip to brighton… An exceedingly helpful record shop worker (bongo records btw) pointed this out and within about 30 seconds of listening to it I was hooked! The story goes that the guy went round Asia collecting records and other forms of music which he then digitised and sampled using an MPC.. Classic beat making and a great finish.. If you like J Dilla or Madlib I bet you will like this!

Best time to listen to this:

When you need some inspiration

Fav tracks:

Pearl Song


The Storm



2. Souljazz presents new york noise:

This album is a classic example of a vinyl collectors travails.. I bought this over 6 months ago from waxworks vinyl shop on queens road on a whim and it sat unopened for the best part of those 6 months! When I finally opened it I found an incredible collection of early/mid 80’s new wave/post punk tracks (think talking heads and poss a bit of LCD soundsystem). The bass lines on some of the tracks where so funky that I felt like I had been possessed by “old greg with his magical box of funk”

Best time to listen to this:

Getting ready to go out to a gig

Fav tracks:

Liquid Liquid – Optimo


Bush Tetras – Can’t Be Funky



3. Age of L.u.n.a:

Not got a fav album as they haven’t done one yet! But I have a great deal of respect for this Hip hop group hailing from London, their style is very much in the mould of ATCQ and other conscious Hip hop groups of the 90’s which is complemented by a beautiful female singing voice from Daniella-Louise Thomas. Not sure if they will ever make it big but it’s great to see a modern day uk act putting out this style of Hip hop.

Best time to listen to this:

Saturday afternoons

Fav tracks:

Blow Me Away


Feels So Good



4. Mr Jukes:

Found this gem on amazon when I was searching for funky/soulful stuff in the mould of childish Gambino and Anderson Paac. While it’s not as good as either of those albums (tbh not much is!!) the album I discovered was a patchwork of interesting ideas, great collaborations and funky grooves.. It’s an odd album in that it’s done by Jack Steadman from Bombay bicycle club, and includes Charles Bradley, De La Soul, Lianna La Havas, Bj the Chicago Kid and a few other guests! And it covers all sorts of genres ranging from Hip hop through jazzy electronica to funk and soul but it works which is all that counts!

Best time to listen to this:

Anytime.. It’s a classic all rounder

Fav tracks:

Angels / Your Love feat BJ The Chicago Kid


Someone New


(The original is actually better than this live version but i couldn’t find a link to it 🙁 )


Guilty pleasure:
Bruno Mars: That’s What I Like

Play this at the basement a lot, and everytime it gets me bopping.. I don’t care.. I LAV ITTTT!!!!!!

Fav banger:
Gotta be Phantasy & Macky Gee – Transition 

Starts off bouncy then gets even bouncier!


I know I’ve neglected the indie/psych/shoegaze stuff on this list but I ran out of time, to redress the balance i will leave you with this this little number..


Can’t do this blog without mentioning Too Many Zooz.. I supported them last week and they totally blew me away. It was like being at a rave, and they had the crowd completely spellbound for a full 90 minutes. Have so much respect for those guys and what they are doing.. There sister band Lucky Chops is rather good as well.. Check out this vid from them.


Much love to everyone. 🙂


Ninja Bob.

Housemate Tuesdays: Ninja Bob

Housemate Tuesdays: Ninja Bob

Who are you?

Ninja Bob!

Whats your art?

Part time DJ, turntablist & even more part time comedian. I specialise in hiphop, funk and alternative/world beats, but I love pretty much all types of music (even the bad bits). As long as it moves my feet I’m happy with it.
I currently hold residencies at House of Verse, Canned Heat @ The Basement & Candy Dust, but can also be found playing at The Cookie, performing cyphers with the Clarence Street Collective and performing in a comedy show alongside Dan Nicholas.

Whats coming up for you?

07/11/17: DJ Format at the Soundhouse
08/11/17: Too many zooz at the 2Funky Music Cafe
09/11/17: Posterboy at Nottingham Comedy festival (Comedy Show)
10/11/17: Abstract Orchestra presents Madvillainy at the 2Funky Music Cafe
09/12/17: House of Verse at the 2Funky Music Cafe

Mixcloud link:
Facebook link:
Instagram link: @ninjabob0


Diwali Family Fun Day

Diwali Family Fun Day

Hey guys!

We’d like to introduce you to our artists for the Diwali Family Fun Day on Saturday!

We’ve lined up a bountiful feast of delightful performances inspired by Eastern culture to share with you all. From DJs to poets, comedians to musicians, we’ve got something to tickle your every fancy.

So without further ado we’d like to announce…

*drum rolling sounds*

Ishi Khan-Jackson

Stand up comedian and creator of ‘I’mMigrant!’ Ishi is a sentient being born to tickle, play and sing to the moon. Skipping along on the comedic yellow brick road, dancing through rain, snow, sun and wind, rainbow lover, unicorn rider. She is exploring the theme of migration, belonging and identity. One day she hopes to do a cartwheel and learn to ride a bike. Current art forms:- stand up comedy, dance, theatre, occasionally poetry and paint splashing.


Shruti Chauhan

Shruti Chauhan is a British Indian poet and performer based in Leicester. She has won slams internationally in Chicago and Mumbai, and has performed at Royal Albert Hall, Rich Mix, the US Embassy’s American Centre in New Delhi, the Green Mill in Chicago, and at poetry festivals and events across the UK.



Mystical rhythms and mythical chasms melding the shimmering blims of the hang drum with the slumbering strums of the ukulele, speckled with percussive thwacks and lucid language. Mythm, Carise Zangerle Murray and Jenny Hibberd, fused fuzzings in late 2014 and commenced musicalizing ‘pon the stage at the end of 2015. Joined by rhythm, linked by magical thinks, Leicester based duo Mythm hope to bestow trinkets of adventure through their sonic voyages.


Ninja Bob

Gypsy popper and full on hiphop funkster, specialising in blending & scratching alternative music of all forms together for people to dance and be happy too. Resident DJ at House of Verse, Candydust & Canned heat @ The Basement. Can also be seen regularly DJing at the Cookie and Anerki. Other accolades include being winner of the basement DJ battle, cypher DJ in the Clarence Street Collective and of course being “the DJ” in Dan Nicholas’ comedy show “Posterboy”.


Lumière Ogbanje

“my light projection uses moving water, oil and colour. Natural forms develop as a circulation mixes the elements. In common with clouds, these shapes are transitory. In common with clouds, this sometimes reminds me . . . of . . . everything”


Hari Trivedi

Hari Trivedi is a local Leicester artist who has been playing since childhood. He is always innovating and experimenting new mediums of expressing music through sound and media. This is the 5th Indian summer festival performance for him. He is currently a senior student of Pritam Singh of Birmingham. He has played around the world and accompanied a variety of artists from Indian classical, devotional, western classical, theatre production and new age fusion. His main focus in teaching tabla is based on clarity, tone and letting the students think creatively.


Neil Donoghue

Neil Donoghue has been playing the Sitar since he brought his first one back from Jaipur in 2001. He started lessons shortly after and has been playing shows in Leicester, Birmingham, Solihull, Coventry, Nottingham and elsewhere in the Midlands over the years.