Housemate Tuesdays: Cynthia Rodríguez

Housemate Tuesdays: Cynthia Rodríguez


Cynthia Rodríguez.


Spoken word, writing, chanting, shouting, singing, making noise, faffing around with pedals and sometimes with instruments.


Currently recording an album with my band Anatomy. We’re also getting ready for our anniversary gig on the 31st of March at The Cookie.

Co-organising events with INTRSKTR, Leicester’s Intersectional Feminist Community. We’re taking over Attenborough Centre for Handmade Festival on the 5th of May. We also have a few more surprises hidden in our pockets, including the second edition of Glitterfest later this year.

Also trying to keep writing and performing solo every now and then. I’m usually at Find the Right Words at The Western. It’s a lovely night. Might bring back INTRSKTR open mic nights too and give more workshops to inspire people who otherwise wouldn’t feel safe to write and share their art.


INTRSKTR group on Facebook:

INTRSKTR Glitterfest on Facebook:


Spoken word:

Blog under refurbishment:

My personal Instagram is mostly full of random stuff and cats. I am trying to be a professional catsitter. None of the cats are mine:




In a couple of weeks on the 27th February Carise Zangerle-Murray will be the musician in Danni Spooner’s performance ‘Alienate’ a mindful and meditative exploration into the cyborg culture and being a digital native… Offering insight into the wonderful connection between nature and technology…

Danni and Carise originally developed the piece during a residency at Lake Studios in Berlin last September and are now building it further for a performance at the Attenborough Arts Centre as part of the fabulous Destress Fest (huge Thanks to G Sian).

Carise has been going on sound journeys with keyboards of late, becoming quite attracted to the instrument and finding a lot of magic in applying her drumming rhythms to keys. A new musical adventure for Carise.

Stay up to date with info and RSVP on the official Facebook event here:

See more of Carise and Danni’s work on their Instagram pages:
Carise: @folha_ame
Danni: @dcatnni



Oh WOW..!

The next House of Verse on Sat March 17th at the 2Funky Music Cafe is officially…


We thought we’d compile an underwater feast of themed finspiration for you to gobble up with your gills and get those brainy barnacles of yours oxygenated! This blog is full of ideas for costumes, games, small talk, sea-based spirit animals, aquatic faux pas… and much more!

(for full effect, feel free to play this relaxing oceanic browsing music)


Fisht off… Costume!

Woah there cool dude, just swimming my own business here

Why not take things one step further and terrify your aquatic compadres with this underwater equivalent of a Halloween costume?

You can go full paper Mâche fantasea of course… but be careful not to take a dip! These costumes may look the party but come into contact with water and you’ll come out looking like a blob fish!

If in doubt, P.Y.U (Pimp Your Umbrella) and set your stingers to stun with this fine look (with the added bonus of not having to talk to anyone you don’t want to talk to).

Now let’s learn the lingo!

Sure you may LOOK like a fish, but can you SOUND like a fish?
Pick up all the hottest tropical catch phrases, pick up lines and icebreakers with our handy pocket guise below!


Why did the vegan go deep-sea fishing?
Just for the halibut!
How do you make an Octupus laugh?
With ten-tickles!
What is the best way to communicate with a fish?
Drop it a line!
Did you hear about the crab that went to the seafood disco?
He pulled a muscle!
What is the best way to communicate with a fish?
Drop it a line!

Pick up lines:

A shark just ate my partner. Will you be my new one?
There are plenty of fish in the sea, but I see you with me!
Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I float by again?
I’m hooked on you!

And if in doubt; FISH DANCE!

Now you’re looking and sounding like fish!
Lets dig deep and learn about life underwater:


Wasn’t that fascinating! You’re nearly 100% fish, now all you have to do is take a gander at our fish-based quizzes below and find out what school you belong in!

Quiz time!

What is your soul fish?

Which ocean are you?

Which beach are you?

Congratulations lil sealife!

You’ve made it through our guide to all things ocean! By now you should look fishy, sound like the ocean, know all the tips and tricks to marine life AND have your personal fish, ocean and beach identities to play with. SO… now it’s time to put this knowledge into action and PREPARE TO DIVE DEEP on March 17th!

We’ll see you there along with a whole beach full of amazing live acts to feast your fisheyes on!


Housemate Tuesdays: Joey Mottershead

Housemate Tuesdays: Joey Mottershead

Who are you?

Joey Mottershead, 23 years on the planet so far, Island creature, congregates around the middle.

What is your art?

Making movements to heal the body/mind. Assembling words to calm the soul. Digital work is also fun. Soon I plan to make music (when I’m good and ready).

What’s coming up for you?

I am making a show called ‘Dirty Rebirth’ with dance artist Scarlett Turner of Fuelled Dance Theatre. We are exploring what it means to live with a personality disorder; attempting to find a melody in the tune of selfcare. It will premier at the Attenborough Arts Centre in June; please come and feel with us.

I am trying to figure out how to express trauma in as many ways as possible, I think this is one.

I made a film once to do the same thing, you can see it below.

I am also trying to create a new poem every day until I stop. The evidence of this can be found on Instagram (if you’re the type to want words all the time check it out).

Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: hausofyosef