Jam on Toast – This Sunday at KAI, Leicester

Jam on Toast – This Sunday at KAI, Leicester

We at House of Verse are always looking for new and exciting events to offer the public. KAI kitchen & bar have opened their quaint space for us to host an open jam, with guided meditation, acoustic music, rap, comedy, and a band. Y’know, a real House of Verse line up.

Aside from this, there are 4 open mic slots, which you can claim from 3:45 onwards. We’ve got brand new house mates performing, as well as experienced House of Versers, so come say hi and welcome the new comers!

Check the Facebook event page HERE

We’ll see you there, I mean, what else are you gonna be doing between 4-7 on a Sunday?

House of Verse Brighton Fringe Takeover

House of Verse Brighton Fringe Takeover

For it’s 37th reincarnation, Leicester’s eclectic artist collective will be making its way to the South Coast for an event which is fated to be Brightonnes of fun…

Consisting of 21 performers including beatboxers, rappers, spoken word artists, DJs, comedians, musicians and many more, this incredibly diverse and continuously evolving variety event takes energy and entertainment to another level, providing not only a great evening of entertainment but simultaneously allowing audiences to be a part of the ever-growing HOV community.

Brighton Fringe is England’s largest Arts festival, drawing a vast array of performers from across the globe and squeezing them into many beautiful venues within the city.

This year promises to be the biggest and best yet, with events being held at all hours in order to appeal to every character that happens to find themselves wandering around in search for stimulation for both body and mind!

Of course all sensory cravings will be catered for at the delightful Marwood Bar & Coffeehouse, which will be serving up multiple helpings of arts workshops, scrumptious sides of rhythmical jams and a huge dollop of live performance, along with their own delicious menus of food, coffee, cocktails and craft beers.

The House of Verse team cannot wait to get on the road and are more than excited to meet as many people as humanly possible.

If you spot us out and about flying the House of Verse flag in some format, come over and say hello, hang with us at or outside the events and let’s engage in wonderful friendships.

Very few of us bite, and the ones that do have been cleared of anything infectious.

Event details:

Sat 3rd & Sun 4th June @ Marwood Bar & Coffeehouse
11am-12pm: Drumming workshop
1-2pm: Beatbox/Freestyle workshop
3-4pm: B-Boy workshop
5-6pm: Open jam
7-10.30pm: Live variety show

Event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/733375263507502/
Ticket link: https://www.brightonfringe.org/box-office/shows/view/house-verse/

Jouska album launch. Featuring Kermes and Sepia Sun. Free Entry!

Jouska album launch. Featuring Kermes and Sepia Sun. Free Entry!

Launch party for Jouska’s debut album: They’ll be selling CD copies in the venue!

Jouska – Warped Psych Rock ‘n Roll ‘n Post Punk.

Kermes – Trash Pop Perfection. We cannae wait.

Sepia Sun – Post rock-tronica. A brilliant, massive wall of sound. Not to be missed.

Also featuring:

– Visuals from Lumière Ogbanje

– DJ sets from Andy Malaky and Jouska



House of Verse, Sat 25 Jun 2016 @ 2Funky Music Café

House of Verse, Sat 25 Jun 2016 @ 2Funky Music Café


What an energy flowing showdown!



Hibword & Richbutnotfamous


Thank you to everyone who performed at and made themselves at home at Saturday’s House.
It was truly an evening to keep remembering.
The embers are still glowing, my dreamboats are rowing down memory streams.
Peace brother peace and patchwork dungarees, rugged walls of comedy and Tinder cows, HOT SPAGHETTI, a freestyling honcho, tropical rainbows, psychedelic post-rock and rap-clan mandem…. WHEW! and WOW and all of the YES.

You are all beautiful.

Thank you for your love.
Hibword x


Next House: (Gazebo) House Of Verse in St Martin’s Square on Sat 23 July.

Stay tuned for photos from Saturday!

Undercover Artists: Richard aka Lumière Ogbanje

Undercover Artists: Richard aka Lumière Ogbanje

Herein begins the journey to discovering and uncovering Leicester’s myriad, madcap creatives.

Welcome one and all to Richard aka Lumière Ogbanje.


Richard will be mustering up his mind-melting magic at the next House of Verse on Sat 25 June at 2Funky Music Café. Event link here.


What was your first midnight feast/ sneak snack?

Feast. Chocolate on toast.


If you were a texture, what would you be and why?

Texture of waxed driftwood. Driftwood for life history and waxed to smooth the surface.


What’s your favourite sound?

The summer screaming of swifts. Listen here.




Please will you describe your art to us and what it means to you?

My light projection uses moving water, oil and colour. Natural forms develop as circulation mixes the elements. In common with clouds, these shapes are transitory. In common with clouds, this sometimes reminds me . . . of . . . everything.


If you could give one nugget of advice/power-quote to your former self, what would it be?

… breathe, left foot, right foot, … (repeat)


What song should we listen to right now?

“Prïtourïtze Planinata” from the album Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares (track 13 on my copy).


Richard at a house party.