By Aaron Dudfield

I was reading a book recently called The Sociology of the Paranormal, which is a peer reviewed Sage Research Paper in the Social Sciences. It is an academic study, which asks the question about how many people in the world have had ‘paranormal’ experiences in their lives. It includes a study of Deja Vu (some of the accounts of which are not a simple case of ‘thinking you’ve been here before’), Extrasensory Perception, Clairvoyance, contact with the dead and Mysticism. The data is very conclusive stating “that mystical and psychic phenomena occur seems beyond debate”.


It would seem to me that many analytical thinkers would dismiss studies like this in a blink, or try to superimpose some ‘reason’ which is really just guesswork in order to try and shake their validity.


I prefer to remain open minded to the idea of not knowing very much and closed minded to the idea that everything can somehow be empirically tested, when very little is actually empirically testable (and even that which is testable and is closest to the mystical, e.g. in the realm of quantum physics, normal understanding of laws must be bent in order to make ‘sense’ of anything and new bafflements constantly occur).


Here is a list of a few of the videos which have helped me to move away from analytical thinking and towards a much less denialist approach. They have, in turn, also opened the door to the possibility of true selflessness, a non-animalistic humanity and deep security, without the need to constantly argue about trivialities or try to assert some sort of feigned identity to the people around me.


Below I’ve listed a few different ways in which I connect with whatever it is that people connect with which transcends a present state of mind and counters the impotent balderdash of much of analytical science and what I like to call the shouty world (those people who don’t think things are alright and are always perpetuating fear). I’ve tried to add a variety of expressions so that those who have different outlets in terms of creativity and interpretations can connect.

This is a talk by Coleman Barkswith David Darling playing the cello and singing. It talks about how Coleman Barks came to translate Rumi’s poetry, which involves a very interesting and ‘mystical’ experience.


A poem by Seamus Heaney: When all the others were away at Mass. This poem brings me to a very present reality. It’s about his mother and him in a moment and in a few short lines he beautifully paints a picture which encapsulates the simplicity and depth of a single moment, where life is lived.


Green River Killer Forgiven: For whatever reason, forgiveness is one of those things that seems to be nearly impossible. When somebody does it, and truly does it, it’s very shaking. This particular video inspires me very deeply. A man who showed total disregard for human life shown mercy.


Another story of forgiveness beyond all seeming possibility. The whole documentary is amazingly eye opening. There are hundreds of these stories. Including the ones described in this article.


This one is for anybody who is interested in dance and the symbolism therein. I believe that this dance addresses all sorts of issues, including those of angry feminism. It paints a beautiful picture of submission and graciousness and I would not consider it to be a performance but rather a sharing of life. The message in it is something I embrace.


Quantum Theory, Consciousness & the Implicate Order

by Dr. David Bohm. A Mathematical interpretation of reality. If you’re more of a thinker, here’s something that might start a bit of a thought path for you.

Alfa Mist – Antiphon – This is just incredible.

Wait for me


I said I’ll try

Just give me one more chance to prove

Mountains I will move


I hear you calling

I’ll wait for you”


In short, anything that helps us to worry or feel fear or division is not something I want to take part in. I want to actively avoid those things and immerse myself in anything that takes me beyond not only that, but into a world where things don’t always make perfect sense. I don’t need sense. I need life.


If I think back on my best times, they were my most insane, not my most sensible. Following the ‘rules’ does not give rise to anything good and especially not creativity. The shouty people have rules in their heads. I don’t want to do that. I was a shouty person for a very long time and it’s so boring! Just love yourself and immerse yourself in good stuff. Don’t fuel your hatred or your anger by watching things that promote division or add labels to anything (I’m not just talking to the supposed ‘victims’, just for the record, I don’t use that language). Hope this helps somebody.


Lots and lots of goodness your way and lots more freedom than that!


Can you find another market like this?

Where, with your one rose

you can buy hundreds of rose gardens?



for one seed

get a whole wilderness?


For one weak breath,

a divine wind?


You’ve been fearful

of being absorbed in the ground,

or drawn up by the air.


Now, your waterbead lets go

and drops into the ocean,

where it came from.


It no longer has the form it had,

but it’s still water.

The essence is the same.


This giving up is not a repenting.

It’s a deep honoring of yourself.


When the ocean comes to you

as a lover,

marry at once,


for God’s sake!


Don’t postpone it!

Existence has no better gift.


No amount of searching will find this.


A perfect falcon,

for no reason

has landed on your shoulder,

and become yours.