Spaced Out

Please play these accompanying supersonic vibrations for ultimate blog-eating enjoyment So the theme has officially been announced! We're taking the show further than we ever have before... into S P A C E....

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Housemate Tuesdays: Aaron Dudfield

WHO ARE YOU? Aaron, which is pronounced ‘Air-on’, but without the gap. Like keep your hair on, without the h or exactly like I pronounce it when I introduce myself before you respond ‘nice to meet you Arron’. WHAT IS YOUR ART? Defender of anything that isn’t what...

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In a couple of weeks on the 27th February Carise Zangerle-Murray will be the musician in Danni Spooner's performance 'Alienate' a mindful and meditative exploration into the cyborg culture and being a digital native... Offering insight into the wonderful connection...

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