Oh WOW..! The next House of Verse on Sat March 17th at the 2Funky Music Cafe is officially... FISH THEMED! so... We thought we'd compile an underwater feast of themed finspiration for you to gobble up with your gills and get those brainy barnacles of yours oxygenated!...

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MmM by Danni Spooner

where do performance ideas come from? where to start? like most things in life, i cannot answer this in full. and i cannot answer it in short. so, what i will do is grab some coffee and attempt to give you some kind of insight into how the fuck to make work. the sun,...

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Housemate Tuesdays: Mike Mayes

Who are you? Mike Mayes What's your art? Photography and Video. Stills are my real passion though – I like to experiment with lots of different styles and types of photography. What's coming up for you? I’ve been quite pre-occupied lately with my job but really eager...

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