A little story about busking

Here's my little story about busking: How did I start and was I ready for it ?   When I was 18 years old I stopped caring about playing guitar and music in general. Prior to this I had been playing classical and acoustic guitar for around 6 years! So why? The...

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How to cope with stage fright

Whenever I confess to a new acquaintance that I’m a performance poet, they will invariably respond with one of these stock phrases: “Do people actually come to see poetry shows?”  “How do you make any money?” and “Don’t you get scared performing on stage?” The short...

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Expanding the band

Changing a sound that you have built up over years of practice is always going to be challenge. As a musician, you learn or write a song and often it will get played in exactly the same way every time you take it out to a gig, especially when there are only two of you...

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