Freakin’ freelancin’

Being a freelancer is freakin’ awesome! Whether you’re a designer, an actor, a writer, a camera operator, an accountant - the list goes on; you’re your own boss, you set your own hours, you charge own fees and you get to choose the types of projects you want to take...

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House of Verse Brighton Fringe Takeover

For it's 37th reincarnation, Leicester's eclectic artist collective will be making its way to the South Coast for an event which is fated to be Brightonnes of fun... Consisting of 21 performers including beatboxers, rappers, spoken word artists, DJs, comedians,...

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Poet provoking politics.

Some guy with an indistinct haircut once said in a House of Verse Housemate Introduction post that... “Politics to me is simply the organisation of human life, and as such, it’s relevant to everything and everything is relevant to it.” The same guy got that phrase...

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