Aaron, which is pronounced ‘Air-on’, but without the gap. Like keep your hair on, without the h or exactly like I pronounce it when I introduce myself before you respond ‘nice to meet you Arron’.


Defender of anything that isn’t what other people think. Playing guitar to a level that makes it seem like I can play guitar. Finding God in small moments. Growing a beard. Making epic electronic music in secret and not releasing it to the world until it’s so perfect that death doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen when you listen to it.


I’m just on the way to buy some roasted peanuts, after I’ve done that I’ll probably carry on writing music. It’s actually a really long process. Previously I was just making crappy tunes which were pretty easy because I couldn’t be bothered to sit for hours and work at it. Now that I’ve actually got stuck in, I realise that it’s really hard. Arrangement and production require a lot of patience and care. Both of which are things I don’t have at all. If anybody has any I can get very quickly, I will walk all over you for them. Cheers. I will be putting some new material out over the next few weeks which will be very different to my usual melodramatic, soppy-flop bullshit.

So if you’re interested to listen, feel free to keep up with my Instagram at airs024 . Details will be given on there of pretty much everything I’m doing from now on.

If you don’t have instagram you can get me on twitter at @AaronDudfield

and if you don’t have either of those, I respect you a lot.