Who are you?

We are Elysian. Our names are Lon and Celia, Lon plays beautiful, rhythmic guitar lines and Celia blasts out some powerful, deep vocals. Celia was classically trained for 8 years, which taught her a great deal of vocal control and formed her vibrato rich voice and her large range. Lon learned guitar at school then went on to study Music Technology and Innovation at university, which further fuelled his passion for music. We love playing gigs and festivals around the midlands and hope soon to branch out to cities further afield. Last year we travelled together and played open mic nights along the way, in Amsterdam, Berlin and Budapest. This has to be our favourite experience on our musical journey so far. We also run our own open mic night down at Pi Bar, on Narborough Road.

What’s your art?

Music, music and more music. It’s basically our whole, entire lives. Celia loves to sing; she sings in the bath, whilst washing up, at work, on the bus, pretty much everywhere and Lon plays guitar at every available opportunity. We have many musical influences ranging from blues to soul to jazz and reggae. We play a mixture of our own, original music and covers. The covers are always played in our own, unique style, often very differently to the original track. We enjoy taking music we love and giving it our own soulful, upbeat twist. Our own music is off-beat, chilled out and often written about our personal life experiences. Our sound has been described as “A sound that would slot nicely into any cabaret, smoke-filled, whiskey-clinking, limelight, lost nights, three-dollar cigarettes soundscape, or equally a nice sunny day on a public park”. Think, Aretha Franklin or Nina Simone if they had been in to reggae music!

What’s coming up for you?

This year we are playing at a couple of wedding receptions, doing a few festivals including Glastonbudget and Western Park Festival and playing numerous gigs around Leicester and the surrounding areas. We are planning to travel Eastern Europe later in the year and perform along the way, as we loved it so much last year. We are working on expanding our repertoire and of course writing more original music. We have also begun to expand from a two piece in to a full band with drums, bass and saxophone. This is a brand new challenge that we are all really getting stuck in to. Although it is early days with this, it’s already sounding fabulous. So be sure to keep your eyes peeled for that one!


If you want to listen to our tracks here are some links!