Hello, I’m Emily; vertically challenged, graphic designer, typography enthusiast, Welsh dragon, tea addict, bundle of sarcasm and soon-to-be nomad. I’m terrible at mental maths, I have a newly acquired obsession with peanut butter and I love dogs (I scream almost 99% of the time that I see one). How do you do?


My art is graphic design and hand-drawn typography (although I am hopelessly out of practice, or time to practice); I decided to begin freelancing before I left University in 2014 and had been successfully managing several projects, alongside a full-time graphic design job in Leicester ever since. More recently however I left my full time job and made the transition into becoming a full-time freelance graphic designer, which I am immensely excited about. 

I specialise in a range of disciplines aimed at small/startup to medium sized businesses, including (but not limited to) graphic design, brand development, web design and illustration. I have also worked with a broad range of industries, sectors and business sizes, providing me with some great design challenges and the opportunity to meet and work with the people behind the business.

In my free time (laughs hysterically) I love to illustrate typography, be it quotes, single words or more often than not, swear words – firstly because I can turn something not so pleasant into something pretty and interesting, but mostly because it annoys my mother. *evil laughs*


1. I’m leaving the UK!
The recent turn of events (note the becoming full-time freelance mentioned above) also coincides with my impending departure from the UK to begin travelling around Europe, which is actually in 5 days time! Yikes! You can keep in touch with me and my other half, Bartek, who is well known in the HoV community via our joint travel page – Just BE.

I am more than sure that this kind of lifestyle will tie in well with my business type and open me up to many new opportunities and an abundance of inspiration as I go.

2. Freelance, freelance, freelance
My new career decision also means that I need to step my game up with a fresh new look for my website (which is underway) and a deliciously-designy portfolio to send out to new potential clients. I’m equally as excited and anxious about all of these new pathways I will get to explore along my way, so stay tuned! You can connect with me via my Facebook design page – EM Design Studio – or via my website (soon to be changing) – www.emilymerchant.co.uk.

In the mean time, check out my most recent typographic project below which was created for a collaboration with many HoV ladies for International Womens Day 2017.