Who are you?

I’m Hayche GRiiiM. I’m an up and coming rapper/producer/spoken word artist hailing from Leicester. I have been refining my art since the tender age of 13 and in that time I’ve released three free mixtapes. Having performed at a variety of events and stages, I’m now ready to take the next step and have been working tirelessly to find “my own sound”. Stitching together a seamless mix of hip hop and blues, I am putting the finishing touches on my debut album entitled “For The Love Of”, which is due for release this year.

What’s your art?

A rich blend of hip hop and blues. Telling a story unique to myself whilst also touching on topics affecting the working class and minorities of all backgrounds.

What’s coming up for you?

An album due for release this year entitled “For The Love Of”, a collaborated mixtape with long time friend and collaborator Def Ninja entitled GRiiiMDef, and another surprise in store that will be revealed closer to the time.