Who are you?

Joey Mottershead, 23 years on the planet so far, Island creature, congregates around the middle.

What is your art?

Making movements to heal the body/mind. Assembling words to calm the soul. Digital work is also fun. Soon I plan to make music (when I’m good and ready).

What’s coming up for you?

I am making a show called ‘Dirty Rebirth’ with dance artist Scarlett Turner of Fuelled Dance Theatre. We are exploring what it means to live with a personality disorder; attempting to find a melody in the tune of selfcare. It will premier at the Attenborough Arts Centre in June; please come and feel with us.

I am trying to figure out how to express trauma in as many ways as possible, I think this is one.

I made a film once to do the same thing, you can see it below.

I am also trying to create a new poem every day until I stop. The evidence of this can be found on Instagram (if you’re the type to want words all the time check it out).

Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: hausofyosef