Here’s my little story about busking:

How did I start and was I ready for it ?


When I was 18 years old I stopped caring about playing guitar and music in general. Prior to this I had been playing classical and acoustic guitar for around 6 years! So why? The answer is simple… I wasn’t ready and I had different priorities in life at that time. But when I moved to England seven years later, I realised (after a few weeks) that something was missing… it was a guitar, obviously. After that I bought my first guitar in the UK and started to practice again.

After several years of rest, it took me over a year to wake my hands and fingers up, to begin playing like I had in the past.

Was I ready for busking that time? I had only one thought: NO, but I was also inspired by other musicians (Estas Tonne, Mariusz Goli and Jacek Piotrowicz) who I had seen doing a similar thing.

The first time I tried busking was in Dresden, Germany and after that one moment I realised: I LOVE IT! Plenty of people shared their emotions, feelings and beautiful words with me; it was one of the best days of my life! My advice? Follow your intuition, do not let fear decide for you.



What kind of benefits can you earn by playing on the street?

Some tricks and suggestions for future buskers. I’m going to give a few points and explain why busking is amazing and so useful for all artists:


You can practise for a few hours per day, enjoy yourself and give some good vibes to all of the people passing by.

Self confidence

At some point people will start to listen to or watch you, which gives you stage practice. After a while you won’t feel stressed or uncomfortable performing in front of people.


This is a perfect advert for you. Someone might spot you, offer you a music job, offer an event for you to play at or even just a warm coffee! Just don’t forget to take a poster (a sheet of paper if nothing else) with your name and some basic information about where people can find you online (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Website, etc.).


Don’t worry, people value live music. You’ll always earn some coins for a tea and a good meal! 😉


Here’s a track from my new album which is available on my website (link below).


I hope this short blog will help you!

I wish you the best!
All the love,


Guitarist & Busker