Joe Doyle


Homeless Shakespeare has been performing under the name since 2014. After playing bass in numerous bands of broad styles, it was time to develop an escapade of pigeon holing creativity and experiment, explore and expand. Writing, performing and recording from all over the spectrum, Homeless Shakespeare has developed an enigmatic act, with slap-strum-pop guitar technique and honest, open stage charisma.

House of Verse has hosted some of Homeless Shakespeare’s most obscure performances, including expressionist painting while speaking verse to an original neo-classical electronic track, and a wavering pirate trying to keep his balance on the interpretive pirate ship of Leicester’s Guild Hall. Enthusiastic about improvisation and collaboration, the house band has certainly given Homeless Shakespeare a proverbial ‘home’ for his performances.

With unique, hand-drawn albums and new music, 2017 is looking to be a progressive year for the lumbering hair monster.